Hey Hey Armadillo! (moon_wise_muse) wrote in didhedoit,
Hey Hey Armadillo!

Welcome to the community!!

Welcome to Did He Do It! This is the first community I've ever created, so I hope you enjoy it!

I'm completely split on whether Snape's a good guy or bad guy right now, so share with me your opinions! Have a blast! :D
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So, just to double check, is this group for those wondering if what Snape did was because he was Evil or because he had to do it to get Lord V's implicit trust? If so then I'm in. If not, well... I might still be in.
It basically discusses ALL the theories surrounding Snape, but mainly it's discussing clues linking him to the good guys or the bad guys.

i have become a lemming once more

Great idea for a community, the topic has been debated almost everywhere in the HP Fandom. I very much believing in the Evil-Snape.